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Brief information for stem cell project
When Bone marrow was cultured in various Medias in the laboratory it was found that some of the cells transformed themselves into various tissues of the body. When bone marrow was antimed in Heart extract the cells were converted to Heart muscles & started twitching when they were cultured in Retinal extract they were converted to pigment Epithelium of cornea. Several Animal studies also supported the use of Bone marrow Stem cells in degenerative & diagnostic diseases of the body. This attracted the attention of Researches & idea of stem cell therapy cropped up.
Advantages of using Stem Cells
Since stem cells are multipotent cells it was found they can replaced the damaged or lost cells of various tissues in the body. They can be used in those degenerative conditions where there is no other effective treatment. Total Project cost Rs. 16, 50, 00,000/- Project will take 5 years period to complete. After 3 years from 1 st stage it is expected some sort of income. We are expecting to make this project self supporting.
Considering the mamoth task and the huge financial outlay, your generous help will go a long way in realizing the dream of SIGHT FOR ALL.
Efforts taken so far for the project of Research in Stem Cells
Research Laboratory at Pune - The team of Research Department met authorities of various institutions & discussed the possibility of starting the Research Laboratory in Pune since it is very inconvenient to handle the laboratory work at Narayangaon. Only difficulty is to find the place for research Laboratory and Finance. At present the office is in Dr. Kolte’s clinic.
Storage & actual application thereof at Narayangaon - Storage of tissue is possible at Narayangaon as storage Lab is set at Narayangaon. If space is made available at Pune, it will be more convenient for technicians to handle both the eye hospital..
Meetings held with various Scientists / Doctors, Development Team - Stem cell project is team work of Doctors & scientists. On this factor, we had discussions with various doctors & scientist. Since very few scientists working on cell Biology remain in India, it is very important to attract people by paying attractive salaries.
A Good News - A plot of 10,000 sq.ft is made available in Pune city a generous help by Honorable " Mr. Prataprao Pawar chief of Daily Sakal Group" for Stem Cell research project.
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